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Make Custom Badges -  Button Badge Dimensions

custom Badges sizesWe want to help you as much as possible to create your ideal custom badges for your party. If you  are decxiding on a customised buttoiin badge design then we think it is advantageous to know a little bit more about the approximate dimensions and construction of the various badges. The badges comprise a bevelled front disc on to which is placed the artwork , which is then covered by a protective film.  The combined front section is then crimped on to the back disc which has been pre-pinned with the safety pin, which is used to attach the badge to clothing.

Our custom badge dimensions are shown below, where the dimensions illustrate the outside diameter of the finished badges.  Please see the notes below if you are supplying your own artwork as you will need to add extra bleed to the artwork.

This should enable you to design and make custom badges and to create the perfect button badge for your needs -  whatever they might be.

The illustration gives you the final dimensions of the badges which includes the edge, which is slightly bevelled.

If you are wanting to make custom badges with your own design and then just want us to output it and manufacture your button badge for you, then please note that the actual circle that we would cut out in order to make the badge is about 10mm bigger than the badge, to allow for the edges which are folded around to the back. Remember that the edge is bevelled so all print should ideally not be place up to the edge. If the print is an all-over design then please ensure that the image bleeds. Please contact us for further details before ordering if you provide your own artwork.

Direct link when you are ready to order your customised badges

Rosette Dimensions

custom rosette sizes

The rosettes have a 58mm centre and are available with 1,2 or 3 tiers of pleated ribbon (Elizabethan pleat).

This gives a lovely luxurious-looking pleat on the rosettes.

The 1 and 2 tier rosettes have 2 tails and the 3 tier rosettes have 3. We have a good selection of ribbon colours including candy striped, rainbow and tartan.