We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to work your way through web sites, and fully understand the range of products that atre available. This is potentially even more of a challenge when there are personalising options that are possible. To help you understand our product range we have a short video that tells you a little more about our main product range of badges, rosettes and sashes.   This can be viewed here.

Once you get to the stage of ordering then we want to make this as simple and straightforward as possible, so we have made several basix videso where we  show you the types of products that we can produce.


Here we explain the various types of badges, and also give you a little more infgormation about the styles and also the details of how you need to send artwork if you want us to produce badges from your own artwork. Follow this link


There are 2 different videos - one that explaines the various options that we can offer for rosettes. The second one takes you step by step through the screens of the ordering process. Follow this link


This video explains the various options for specifying how you want us to print the wording on your sash. In addition to sashes we can also just print a continuous length of ribbon in any length - long or short. Follow this link