Personalised Birthday sashes

Personalised Birthday Sashes

birthday party sashesWe all enjoy celebrating a birthday, particularly when it is a milestone birthday. That means celebrating ages of  18, 21, 30, 40, etc. Personalised Birthday sashes are a great addition to any party celebration.

The main thing is to make sure that the birthday boy or the birthday girl are made to feel the centre of attention. Obviously there are the cards and presents and the birthday cake to consider. But it is also important that the main person is suitably attired. We are all familiar with the badges that we see stuck on many of the birthday cards that are sold in gift shops. In fact if this is what you want then we have a great range of these. Not only the generic ones, but we can also personalised them. You can get them with the person’s name and / or their age. They make an ideal addition to the personalised birthday sashes.

Birthday Sash details

Anyway, we were discussing the birthday party sashes before we drifted off to talk about badges. We can print any message on to the ribbon of the sash. You can have whatever message you want.  We always carry a great selection of ribbon colours in stock. We aim to print all our orders on the day that they are placed, which means that you can be sure of a  quick response and a quick delivery.

Our sashes are 4 inches wide and are approximately 6 feet in length.  In metric that equates to 100mm x 1800mm. We supply you with self-adhesive fasteners so that you  can adjust the length  to get the perfect fit, before finally fastening. We can put the print on the front of the sash, on the back or print on both. In addition, you are not limited to a maximum number of letters or words. Just put what you want on the sash.