School Badges and School Celebrations

It is difficult to categorise the various items that could be of interest to a school. Partywear is probably not the best description ! But nevertheless we have a great relationship and regular business with a great number of schools.

There are however  many occasions when a school contacts us.  It is difficult to offer these on an online ordering

school badgesSchool Badges

School Badges are useful  for  a variety of classroom activities. For awards and rewards for academic or sporting achievement . They are also of great use at school open days to identify pupils and members of staff. 

School Rosettes

Any of the badge designs can be made a little more special when they are made into rosettes. Of course the colours can be chosen to reflect the colours of the school. Not to forget the school elections !


Prom Nights and Leavers Day sashes are perhaps the most popular occasions when sashes are bought. There are also many other occasions when sashes could be in demand.


We don’t have a minimum order for our ribbon lanyards, which means if you want a lanyard for a set of keys, a whistle or any one-off application, withy individual wording. Then choose our ribbon lanyards.


A great means of identification. Great if you are organising a school trip for the younger members of school. Give them a wristband in case they get detached from the main group of pupils. If you want the more traditional silicone wristbands , then, providing they are all the same colour, design and wording then we can offer a great price.