Personalised Sashes - printed front only

Personalised Sashes – with text just on the front.

See below for the options for our Customised Sashes
Our Personalised Sashes can be printed so that the text is visible from either the back of the wearer or from the front. We can also vary the print so that you can wear the sash over either the left shoulder or the right shoulder. The choice of how you wear the sash is up to you.  But please let us know when you order as this affects the way in which we print the text on to the ribbon.
Our standard size for the sashes is 6 feet long and 4 inches wide,. This equates to 1.8M x 100mm. This is usually satisfactory for most people. If, however you want a longer one or you want a sash for a child then please let us know. We can then print a longer/shorter length of ribbon. We will ensure that the printed message appears in the optimum viewing position on the sash. The sashes are fastened with self adhesive strips of hook and loop fastenings (Velcro type). This enables you to get the best fitting of the sash before securing the sash with the fasteners.

Ribbon Colours
We carry most of the popular ribbon colours in stock. This enables us to usually post your order on the same day that it is received, providing it arrives before mid afternoon. The exact time is shown on our delivery date app on the web pages.
We have different fonts that we can use on your order as well as different text colours. The different font colours look best on white or cream ribbon. Black looks good on the lighter coloured ribbons. For the darker coloured ribbon like purple, navy and black we would strongly suggest that you choose one of our metallic foil . Metallic foil is available in either silver or gold.
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for your sashes – Printed on just the Front