Miscellaneous Rosettes

See below for our range of Miscellaneous Rosettes

customised rosettesMost of the rosettes that we produce are for specific applications such as party rosettes for hen nights, stag nights or for birthday parties.  From our experience, though, we know that there are also a lot of general miscellaneous rosettes applications where you require rosettes. These could typically be election rosettes, competition or award rosettes. We show a range of centres on the link below, but as these are personalised rosettes, then of course you don’t need to keep to our suggested colour schemes. Just use these as a guide and then let us know what background colours you require and what colour of text and font you require. The backs of the rosettes have a safety pin fastener, but other styles of attachment are also possible on request

miscellaneous rosettesThe centres of our range of miscellaneous rosettes is based on our 57mm badges, which means that instead of the standard cardboard centre that is foil printed, we have the option to produce a ‘badge-like’ centre that can be printed in full colour, which gives a greater impact to the badge. This also means that if required these rosette centres can have a photograph or company logo added. In addition, because our process does not require us to produce a foil block, we can produce literally one-offs.

Once you have decided on the centre for the rosette then you just need to decide on the style of the rosette. Just choose miscellaneous rosettesthe number of layers of ribbon and then the colours of the individual layers and the tails. For extra personalisation you can also have the tails of the rosettes printed with your text of choice.  Our rosettes are all produced on demand by us, and made from top quality box-plated ribbon. This style of pleat gives a very full, luxurious appearance to the rosette, making ideal for promotional events where you want a rosette that portrays quality.

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