Ribbon Lanyard Badges

Ribbon Lanyard Badges

ribbon lanyard badgesOn occasions, you might  want to have your customised badges for your party, but not to pin them to your clothing.  If this should be the case for your party , then we would recommend our ribbon lanyard badges.
These are based on our 75mm badges. They are combined with a ribbon lanyard. With a colour of your choice, which then offer you the perfect solution of a personalised badge, withour having to secure it with a safety pin.

Safety connectors

For your added safety, as with all our products based on our ribbon lanyard, we always supply them with a safety connector. So that if the lanyard is pulled strongly or hits an obstruction, then the breakaway prevents it from being caught and tightened around the neck.

Ribbon Lanyards

We can supply your ribbon lanyards based on either one of our standard designs or on one of your own  designs.  If you choose one of our designs then you can still customise it in addition to just changing the text. You can change the background colours and the colours of the text. If you wish we can make a special badge for the Bride as well as adding an extra message by also printing on the lanyard. 

If you want to have the individual names of all the people attending the function, then we can also add their names to the badges. There is a place on the order form to add these names. Alternatively, even if this option is not obviously available, then we can usually amend the design to add the required wording. Either send us an email or add the names to the comments section on the order.

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