Personalised Wristbands

personalised wristbands

Personalised wristbands are a convenient and discrete way of identifying with a group, society, club, school or just showing general identification. The traditional type of wristband is made from silicone. They can be supplied in a variety of styles. The print can be embossed, debossed, just simply printed or they can be both embossed and then filled with ink. Several colours can be used in the wristband. This can be introduced as a swirl of the different colours or the wristband can have separate colour sections or of course it could be just one colour

For this type of personalised wristbands there is a minimum order quantity of 25. This is the smallest quantity of this type of wristband that can be economically produced. This is due to the fact that a mould or screen has to be made for the text. So of course all this text needs to be the same on all the wristbands.

If you require a smaller quantity then we can produce a ribbon wristbands. For this type there is no minimum order quantity. You just choose the colour for the ribbon and for the text. Then tell us what message you require. The text can be different on each of the personalised wristbands.

Wristbands are a great way to promote an idea or society without making it too much 'in your face'. They are also a great way of keeping school children (particularly the younger ones) safe. If they are travelling on an organised school outing then by wearing personalised wristbands with the school name and contact details, there is the added security that if they get detached from the main party that they can be easily identified and reunited with the group.