Customised Lanyards

Personalised Lanyards

Customised lanyards are a favourite accessory for many varied occasions. They could be functional or decorative. They could be needed to wear with an ID badge or security pass. Or they could be for your hen night, your birthday party. In this case, the lanyard is worn around the neck and then this can have a personalised budget attached to it. This is ideal if you are wearing the type of clothing where you do not want to pin something to it with a safety pin. Any of the badge designs that are shown on the web pages can be used in conjunction with the lanyards

In addition to personalising a badge for the Lanyard we can also print a message on the lanyard. For this type of promotional product we would recommend one of our 75 mm diameter badges. If you just require a standard lanyard then there are two main options depending on the quantity you require. For the traditional woven lanyards then these are screen printed. The economic minimum quantity for this type of customised lanyard is 50. This is primarily due to the cost of having to produce a screen for the screen print process

If you want to smaller quantity and here we could be talking about just one, then a ribbon lanyard is the answer. They are made from a choice of ribbon colours and 15 mm or 25 mm wide ribbon which we can print with whatever message you want. The print options are black, metallic gold or metallic silver text. We believe that the safety of the wearer is of paramount importance and so all the customised lanyards are supplied complete with breakaway fasteners. This will ensure the lanyards will release if any excess tension is applied to the lanyard thus preventing injury to the wearer. Lobster claw connectors are also fitted as standard.